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Our Story

  Justin and Kristianne "kiki" Levesque started

Bite The Bullet in 2015  in Burtt's Corner, New Brunswick. 

 We are very proud owners of this Canadian  business. We created our company out of our shared passion for the outdoors and working with our hands. We up-cycle our brass by cutting spent bullet casings and turning them into forever art. We use the entire casing leaving very little if no waste behind.

 We take pride in teaching our three kids to work hard as a team and to make a better tomorrow. 

Our Team

Kiki Profile pic
Justin Levesque

Kristianne (Kiki) Levesque

Kristianne Levesque was born and raised in Campbellton, New Brunswick and moved to Fredericton to take Jewelry at New Brunswick Craft College. It was at College that she found her love of Metal Art, and soon became an Award winning graduate. In 2015, she and her husband created Bite The Bullet,which was born from their combined love for hand made art and the love of the outdoors. Kiki is a mother of three and enjoys exploring the wilderness in her free time. 

Justin Levesque

Justin Levesque was born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Justin was a Cabinet Maker by trade for 10 years but switched out his hammer and nails for bullets and silver. Justin is now a Full-Time Father, Jeweler and Co-Owner of Bite The Bullet along with his wife. Justin is a father of three and spends his free time in the woods, where he enjoys camping, canoeing, hunting and fishing.

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