Here at Bite The Bullet we understand hard work and dedication. That is why we are very proud to help others with their dreams. When you believe in yourself then anything is possible and you lose the impossible. We believe in our own dreams and continue to "move mountains".

 Thank you for helping us with our dreams and support. 

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Our Ambassadors 

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Professional Hunting Guide & Host of Just Hunt

Amanda Lynn Mayhew was born in Northern Ontario in a small town called Manitouwadge, and now resides in Southern Ontario. You likely know Amanda as being the host of Just Hunt TV, which airs on Wild TV.  Amanda has over thirty years of hunting experience under her belt, and in addition to being a television host, she also doubles as a professional hunting guide.

 Amanda Lynn Mayhew has  proved her weight in gold as an athlete, an inspirational speaker, as well as an avid hunter and fisher. Amanda has changed the lives of thousands of young women by providing a strong role model for those who wish to challenge stereotypes. Amanda is the proud founder and spokeswoman the Women's Hunting Association. In her free time, she loves riding her motorcycle and enjoying the great Canadian wilderness. 

Sarah Leblanc


Sarah Leblanc is undeniably a fighter. Upon meeting Sarah, the 44 year old mother and native of Yarmouth,NS, you may not realize the strength, courage and kindness this brave lady holds within herself. Sarah discovered barrel racing at the age of 34, and was instantly captured by the glamour, grit and speed the sport required. Sarah is mostly self taught, with the exception of a few classes and clinics. Sarah began racing in 2011 with her first horse, Bugsy. In 2016, Sarah retired Bugsy due to developing arthritis. In October of 2016, she introduced Sloan to her team. 

Sarah has faced a series of obstacles of which she has bravely overcome. After losing her partner in january of 2018, Sarah began struggling with substance abuse and eating disorders. After Sarah had the opportunity to speak to her idol, Fallon Taylor, she decided it was time to turn her life around for the better. Sarah knew the best way to do so was to inspire others and try her best to make a positive impact on their lives.

Since then, Sarah has continued to race with her beloved horse Sloan, while mentoring Brittany Atwood. 

Tristan Horncastle


   We are honoured to be able to work with Fredericton's own country star, Tristan Horncastle. Tristan is an all Canadian country boy, with a soft spot for his children and a passion music. When Tristian's not in the recording booth or on stage sharing his talent with his fans around the maritimes, you're likely to find him in the woods on his ATV, spending time with his family and enjoying the Canadian lifestyle. 

You're mostly likely to recognize Tristan from his radio  hits, such as  “She Brings The Beer” or “You Want,” . Since Tristan's debut, he has been dominating the music scene and is an undeniable rising star. Since releasing his first EP in 2011, the Fredericton, New Brunswick native has shared stages with the likes of Travis Tritt, Dean Brody, Joe Diffie and Leann Rimes. 


Brittany Atwood


We are proud to be able to work with Brittany Atwood, who is an all around country girl, Professional Equestrian, and most importantly, a fighter. Brittany is currently 22 years old, and has a lifetime of experience working with horses. While Brittany started out as a pleasure rider, she decided to take a leap of faith and step into the world of barrel riding. This is how her beloved horse, Nemo, became a part of her life. 

Nemo was not the fastest horse. Despite Brittany dedicating months to training Nemo, he seemed uninterested in running as fast as he could. Brittany was told time and time again to give up on Nemo, but refused to sell him in favor of a quicker horse. Brittany knew that there was something special about Nemo. 

 On February 5, 2016, Brittany received devastating news about her beloved horse. Due to unknown circumstances, Nemo was rushed to the vet, where it was decided that his eye would have to be removed. Although heart broken, Brittany had promised to stick with Nemo through thick and thin. It was a year before Nemo won a race again, and he only keeps getting better. With hard work and perseverance, Brittany and Nemo are taking the Equestrian world by storm. 


Amanda Kirkpatrick

Ms. Nova Scotia 2018

Here at Bite the Bullet, we are absolutely ecstatic to be able to work with Amanda Kirkpatrick, known to many as Ms Nova Scotia 2018. Amanda is a hardworking mother of two beautiful daughters, who works tirelessly to instill positive values into her children and community.

When Amanda isn't competing in prestigious pageants all around the maritimes, you can usually find her volunteering in her free time, attending fundraisers or shattering stereotypes on her fishing boat. Amanda regularly speaks on female empowerment at events across Nova Scotia and uses her platform to inspire. Amanda is now preparing to compete in the Eastern Provinces North America Pageant; We can't wait to continue watching her shine.